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How to convert Your Image in 4 steps

a2z Converter is an online file converter. It supports most types of images and document formats. Use the button below and select files to convert from your computer.

Step 01

Upload your PNG Image file(s) by clicking on the  ‘Select Files’ button or dragging the image(s) in the dotted area. For multiple file selection press ‘Ctrl Images’.

Step 02

You are able to customize PNG Image by clicking the ‘’ button. Crop the image to eliminate unnecessary elements and focus on the main subject.

Step 03

Web-based converters are accessible from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. They're convenient for quick conversions but may have limitations on file size and quality.

Step 04

Depending on your internet connection speed and file size, the download may take some time. Most browsers or download managers display a progress bar indicating the download status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Converting PNG to HEIC can result in significantly smaller file sizes without sacrificing image quality, making it ideal for saving storage space and improving efficiency, especially on mobile devices.

Converting PNG to HEIC typically does not result in any noticeable loss of image quality, as HEIC maintains high-quality compression. However, it's recommended to preview the converted files to ensure satisfactory results.

Yes, many conversion tools support batch conversion, allowing you to convert multiple PNG files to HEIC format simultaneously for greater efficiency.

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format) is a modern image file format developed by the MPEG group, known for its superior compression capabilities while maintaining high image quality.

You can convert PNG to HEIC using various online converters, software applications, or built-in conversion tools available on certain devices. Simply upload or select your PNG file and choose HEIC as the output format.

While HEIC offers superior compression and image quality, it may not be universally supported across all devices and platforms. Before converting PNG to HEIC, ensure compatibility with your specific devices and applications.

PNG to HEIC Conversion

You typically upload your PNG file to the website, select HEIC as the output format, and then initiate the conversion process. After the conversion is complete, you can download the HEIC file to your computer.

Online Converter

  • Website: There are several websites available that offer free online conversion services, such as Convertio (, Online Converter (, or CloudConvert (
  • Process: You typically upload your PNG file to the website, select HEIC as the output format, and then initiate the conversion process. After the conversion is complete, you can download the HEIC file to your computer.
  • Advantages: Convenient and accessible from any device with internet access. No software installation required.
  • Disadvantages: Limited by internet speed and file size restrictions. Privacy concerns with uploading sensitive images to online platforms.

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a2z_conversion_Image Editing Software

Image Editing Software

  • Software: Programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), or Pixelmator Pro offer image editing capabilities, including format conversion.
  • Process: Open your PNG file in the software, then use the "Save As" or "Export" function to choose HEIC as the output format. Adjust any settings if necessary, such as compression level or color profile.
  • Advantages: Full control over the conversion process, including quality settings and metadata preservation. Can be integrated into your existing workflow if you already use these programs for image editing.
  • Disadvantages: Requires installation of specific software, which may not be practical if you only need to convert a few images.

Command Line Tool

  • Tool: You can use command-line tools like ImageMagick or FFmpeg, which offer powerful image manipulation capabilities.
  • Process: After installing the tool, use the command-line interface to run the conversion command, specifying the input PNG file and the desired output format (HEIC). For example, with ImageMagick, the command might be magick convert input.png output.heic.
  • Advantages: Fast and efficient for batch processing or automation tasks. Suitable for advanced users comfortable with the command line.
  • Disadvantages: Requires familiarity with command-line interfaces and may have a learning curve for beginners. Limited graphical user interface compared to dedicated software.

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Why Use A2Z Converter ?

200+ Formats Supported

a2z converter is your go-to tool for any file conversion. We support conversions between 200+ different file formats. It is more efficient than any other converter. You can use it online without downloading any software.

Easy to Use and Fast

Just select your files on the page, choose your output format and select "Convert" button. Now all you need to do is wait for the conversion. a2z converter aims to do all conversions between 1-2 minutes.

Cloud Conversion

All our conversions will not consume any capacity from your computer as it takes place in the cloud. It’s a great way to save space and get your job done!

Custom settings

Most conversion types support advanced options. For example with a video converter you can choose quality, aspect ratio, codec and other settings, rotate and flip.

100% Safety assured

We do not save uploaded files and converted ones are deleted in 24 hours. Your files are secure and no one has access to them. Privacy for your files is 100% guaranteed.

Supported devices

a2z converter supports all devices and works on any platform. There is no need to install any software and can be used online.