Top 5 PDF Tools to Gain Momentum in 2024 and Beyond

Top 5 PDF Tools to Gain Momentum in 2024 and Beyond

PDF or Portable Document Format is probably one of the most widely trusted formats, used by a number of users the world across. They are ubiquitous in today’s cross-platform world. Often, you can rely on some software solutions for commenting or viewing a PDF file. But, sometimes, the need of editing a PDF may arise due to your personal or professional needs.

This is where the significance of PDF tool, creator, and document converter come into play.

PDF Tools to Take 2024 by Storm

Below are mentioned some of the top-rated PDF tools that are expected to hold popularity ground in 2024 (even beyond). Have a look –

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro : Adobe Acrobat Pro can help you create, edit, and review your PDF files. One of the best features of this tool is that it has an easy-to-navigate tabbed interface. Thanks to its comprehensive PDF editing feature, Adobe Acrobat Pro can help you edit your portable document formats without any hassle. Its Cloud-centric subscription option includes cutting-edge features within the reach of businesses and individuals. Also, it takes pride in a streamlined sharing feature, owing to which, you can fill up your documents and get signatures with ease. This year, Adobe Acrobat Pro is expected to inculcate Artificial Intelligence into its overall feature mix.
  • EaseUS PDF editor : Whether you want a tool to convert PDF to DOCX online or edit your PDF files, you should count on a premium tool. EaseUS PDF editor hits every right note for a top-tier editor. Packed with robust features, this tool can edit content, review, or markup features, fill in forms, and safeguard sensitive documents like confidential data, passwords, etc. Besides supporting, EaseUS PDF can also add images, files, and hyperlinks to a PDF. EaseUS PDF also ensures ChatGPT integration that can help you handle your documents with an AI assistant. You can try this tool for 7 days before making a purchase of it.
  • A2Z Converter : For PDF to TXT, PDF to Doc or TXT to Doc convert online, you need to embrace A2Z Converter. This premium converter can support smooth and seamless conversions online between 200+ different file formats. As it’s an online tool, you need not download any software to use the same. Extremely fast and easy to use, A2Z Converter is Cloud-smart, and hence can save a lot of space. 100% safe to use, this converter won’t take up much space on your computer. Since this tool does not save any uploaded files, and the converted ones get automatically deleted in 24 hours, your files will be safe and secure. The fact that it supports almost every device and works across multiple platforms is like a cherry on the cake!
  • PDF Filler : PDF Filler, a web-based editor, enables you to do everything – from editing to sharing to securing to creating and storing your PDF files – all from its simple and intuitive web interface. Like a desktop application, PDF Filler can perform things like adding, copying/pasting, deleting, changing size/font/color, etc. with greater efficiency. Also, PDF Filler has a deep set of features for both business and personal usages. While being highly versatile, PDF Filler has certain features that might not suit everyone. Luckily, there are a few subscription tiers, via which, you can meet your editing requirements without paying anything extra for any additional feature.
  • PDF Expert : Looking for an PDF editor that can work seamlessly on iPhone, iPad or mac? PDF Expert should be your priority-topper in that case. Although the Preview program on macOS has a built-in PDF editor, iOS devices lack a native PDF editor. PDF Expert effectively bridges this functionality. It includes a wide range of simple editing features, including page management, transforming scanned files into editable documents, and conversion to different file types. It also boasts a clear and user-friendly interface.
The Final Words

Whether you are looking to edit, alter, create, or convert your PDF files, these aforementioned tools will help you ace a deal. While making the final choice, just ensure that the tool of your choice can transform multiple types of files without affecting the actual formatting.

A good PDF converter or editor should be able to export PDFs into other editable formats like HTML, plain text, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, etc. while keeping up with the actual files’ images, hyperlinks, and other elements.