Reduce Your PDF Files in Just A Few Seconds! Here’s How.

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  • April 25, 2024
Reduce Your PDF Files in Just A Few Seconds! Here’s How

Unlike multiple other file formats, a Portable Document Format is tailored to be platform independent. This means that you can view, share, or print your PDF files across operating systems without requiring the original fonts or software solutions utilized to create the document. Due to their small size, the PDF files are easy to transfer, download or store.

However, in this blog post, we are going to shed light on some easy yet useful tips and tricks to minimize your PDF files. There are already a lot of cost-free tools available out there in the market, which can automatically minimize PDF files in just a few seconds. Using a robust TXT to PDF converter online, you can not only convert your files but also merge or compress them with ease.

Now before you explore the ways of minimizing your PDF files, take some time out to learn why you should minimize your PDFs. Follow along –

Why Should You Minimize the Size of Your PDF Files?

There are multiple perks of optimizing or compressing PDF files. Some of the commonest reasons for compressing PDF files are as follows –

  • Your Files Could be Shared through Mail: Are you looking to send mail with a colossal PDF file? In case, the overall size of your file is too big, chances are that you may have to go beyond the maximum limit of the file attachment. Most of the mail servers such as Outlook, Gmail, etc. have a maximum file limitation of about 20 to 25mb. If you use a high-quality PDF Compressor, you can freely share your files with ease through email.
  • You Can Save Storage Space: Do you have a PDF file that contains scanned images? Needless to say, such images are extremely large and hence might require adequate storage space. Backed by a robust PDF optimizer, you can minimize the overall file size to bring down your storage-related needs.
  • Bring Agility in Load Time: By reducing the overall size of your PDF files, you can cut down on the upload as well as download times. You can enjoy faster loading, besides boosting the overall efficiency by reducing PDF documents prior to loading them online.
  • Batch Process PDF Files: Most of the online tools will allow you to resize several PDF files and documents on just one go! Instead of processing files manually, you can save a lot of time by shrinking your PDFs in bulk. However, make sure that you count on a tool that’s capable of merging, compressing, and converting PDF to TXT, PDF to DOC, or TXT to DOC, etc. to bring further ease and efficacy in your file management process.
  • Make the Most of Your SEO Efforts: A website, that takes ages to load could take a toll on engagement, user experience, and SERP ranking. Consider optimizing extremely huge or heavy PDF files so you can make your website optimizable by Google and other popular search engine giants. Ensure that you use a PDF compressor, that’s capable of converting TXT to Doc or TXT to PDF, too, so you can bring agility in your website’s performance and a visible boost in user experience.
Different Levels of PDF Compression

In this segment, we are going to discuss what level of compression you should choose to reduce your file sizes. To make things easier for you, we have brought to you A2Z Converter, a robust online converter cum compressor, using which, you can convert different images or documents and compress your files without any hassle.

There are a bunch of optimization options that you can choose while using A2Z Converter. All these models have been meticulously crafted to achieve optimum ratio between the visual quality of your documents and files size.

Delve into the following to know more –

  • Recommended File Compression: This model is all about premium quality and desired compression! Using this option, you can automatically minimize the overall size of your files while keeping up with premium compression quality, adapted by the web. This implies that your PDF files could be shrunken without affecting their colour, fonts, formats, etc.
  • Extreme File Compression: This option is all about ensuring less quality and high compression. In case you need to compress your PDF files but if it still is not the accurate size of your document requirements, we will recommend you the extreme option. This option will minimize the overall size of your PDF files even more! But always remember that this might affect the quality of your document. Hence, if the colour is slightly off or your document looks a bit blurry, you know exactly why!
  • Less Compression: High quality and less compression – if these are what you need, you should rely on this option. In case you don’t require resizing your PDF files, this is the right option for you. A2Z Converter will optimize your PDF documents a bit while at the same time keeping the quality aspect intact.

Happy reading!!