Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Image Files into SVG

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  • June 07, 2024
Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Image Files into SVG

SVG also known as Scalable Vector Graphics refers to an extremely web-friendly vector file format. As opposed to pixel-based raster files such as JPEGs, the vector files preserve images through mathematical formulas depending on lines and points on a grid. What does it mean? It simply implies that the vector files such as SVG can be resized without compromising their quality that makes them perfect for complex online graphics and logos.

It's not only their resizing abilities, which adds to the popularity of SVG in the field of website designing. If you are looking to convert SVG online, you should know that Scalable Vector Graphics are written in XML code. This means that they can store any text-centric data like literal text rather than shapes. It allows the major search engines such as Google, etc. for reading SVG graphics for their intended keywords that can help a website go a notch up higher in search rankings.

Why Do You Need to Convert JPG to SVG?

No matter what you’re looking to do – JPG to SVG convert online or the likes – you should take up the plunge for the following reasons. Have a look –

  • Scalability : SVG images are highly scalable. This means that you can easily resize them to any size according to your choice, without having to compromise on the quality part. Thanks to this perk, it becomes an idyllic option for the designs, which require being displayed across multiple sizes including icons, logos, website graphics, etc.
  • Sharpness : Another reason why most people inch towards SVG is due to the fact that it’s crisp and sharp. SVG images don’t even lose their sharpness even when you zoom in them. This happens because these are made up of vector shapes that are defined mathematically.
  • Size Of File : Compared to the JPG images, the SVGs are a lot smaller in terms of their file sizes. This holds true especially for images of simple shapes. This might hold importance to websites as well as other apps where file size is taken into serious consideration.
  • Editability : SVG images are easy to edit, especially when you use any high-quality vector graphics software like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and the likes. This will enable you to tweak the shapes, colours, and several other aspects of the image sans affecting quality.
  • Accessibility : Another reason why you should consider converting your JPGs to SVG is because the later are a lot more accessible to users with disabilities. Why? Simply because they can be parsed, albeit without any hassle, by screen readers as well as other assistive technologies.
Give SVG Conversion a Whirl in These Situations

Now steps in the most important question – WHEN should you really consider PNG to SVG convert or convert your JPG files to SVG? Below are presented some situations when you may need to prioritize SVG conversion

  • While Creating a Logo : A logo is your brand’s most primary visual representation. Since SVG is highly scalable, you can make sure that your logo looks good across sizes. When you use SVG to create a logo, you can make your brand emblem a lot crisper and sharper, even when it’s displayed on any small website icon or a large billboard.
  • While Building Website Graphics : SVG graphics are idyllic for websites as these are highly light-weight, accessible and scalable. Using this excellent format, you can easily create premium icons, logos, illustrations, and several other design aspects for your website.
  • Printing Premium Images : SVG images could be the most perfect solution for printing images as these are always crisp and sharp. In case you need to print a premium-quality image like a product photo, a poster, etc., you must convert your images to the SVG format.
In a Nutshell

Overall, Scalable Vector Graphics are highly robust and versatile image formats, capable of bringing multiple perks to the table. In case you need to create lightweight, sharp and accessible images, you should immediately convert your images to SVG.