A2Z Converter: PDF To DOC / DOCX Conversion Without Losing Formatting

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  • December 24, 2023

Search for – “how to convert PDF to Word without losing formatting” – on the Internet, and you will instantly get buffeted by an inordinate amount of information! PDF is usually used for smooth and hassle-free email sharing and viewing. However, you may require converting it into a totally editable Word file, no matter whether you need to format or edit texts, fill out data on PDF form, or insert image.

If done right, PDF to doc conversion can help you present and exchange files across software with ease. But the biggest problem is that even with an endless amount of information out there on the topic, figuring out where to begin is not any easier! Hence, we bring you help to navigate the world of Portable Document Format files with a clear guide that teaches you how you can convert a PDF into a Word or Microsoft Word Document without affecting or losing its formatting. Have a look –

1. Convert PDF to Word Offline and Maintain Formatting Free

With its reliable and cost-free PDF to Word converter, PDFgear Desktop enables you to convert PDF files to Word on Mac or Windows. The conversion process from PDF to Word won’t cause any loss of fonts, layout, tables, or other formatting specifics.

Additionally, with just a few clicks, you can use this toolkit to sign, modify, remove pages from PDFs, and safeguard PDF files. In just three simple actions, you may batch convert PDF to Word using PDFgear offline without affecting the formatting.

First Step
PDFgear PDF Should be Run to Word Converter

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Second Step
Choose and Convert PDF Files

To search for the PDF file, you wish to convert to Word, tap the “Add File” button. Multiple PDF files can be uploaded and converted at the same time. To open your PDF files in the PDFgear converter, select them and click “Open” in the File Explorer box. Choose a suitable folder to be the destination for the converted DOC file from the list at the bottom of the converter window.

Third Step
Get the Lossless Word Files

When you’re satisfied, click “Convert” to start PDFgear’s batch conversion of PDF to Word. Following the completion of all conversions, your Word document will be stored in the designated location.

2. Use Adobe Acrobat to Convert PDF to Word sans Losing Formatting

Backed by Adobe Acrobat, you can also ace the process of PDF to docx conversion without losing its formatting. Followings are the steps to abide with –

First Step

Start by opening your Portable Document Format files in Adobe Acrobat. Hop onto the feature called “File,” and select “Save As Other.” Subsequently, choose the options called “Microsoft Word” as well as “Word Document.”

Second Step

Select a name and a space where you can save your Word doc.

Third Step

To customize the conversion parameters, select the “Settings” button in the “Save As” dialog box.

Fourth Step

Verify that “Retain Page Layout” is checked in the Conversion Settings window. This guarantees that the generated Word document will maintain the formatting of the PDF original. To apply the settings, click “OK.”

Fifth Step

To convert the PDF to Word and preserve the original formatting, click “Save” at the end.

3. Online Free PDF to Word Conversion without Losing Formatting

You can rely on PDFgear, a free PDF conversion tool online, which can support a smooth and seamless conversion without losing its formatting. No download, no watermark, no sign up!

First Step
Open the PDF to Word Converter

Go to the PDFgear website by opening your browser. You can use this PDF to Word Converter directly because it works with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

Second Step
Add Documents in PDF Format

Drag and drop a file into the drop zone or click the “Choose files” option to choose the PDF you wish to convert to a DOCX file format.

Third Step
Conserve the Word document

Observe how PDFgear transforms the file into an editable Word document automatically from PDF to PDF. To save your file after the conversion, just click the Download button.

Hope the aforementioned information brings some help to the table! Happy reading!


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