We, here at A to Z converter are always ready to make things easy for you. We convert all your files as per your requirement.

What do we do?

At A to Z, we provide the following services

  • Write a random text on notepad or wordpad and get it converted into PDF!
  • All your excel files can now be compiled at one place in the form of PDF.
  • Your powerpoint presentations can now be converted to pdf files. Thank you A to Z!
  • Any jpg or png file can be converted to pdf.
  • Since we call it ‘A TO Z’, it works the other way round as well! Your PDF files can also be converted back to text, word or can be compressed. Yes! We do it all for you.

How to Convert your files?

It is as easy as we describe it!

Step 1: Choose the required option as per your requirement. For Example: Covert word to PDF

Step 2: Upload your Word file

Step 3: Click on convert.

You can then download the converted file or even e-mail it to yourself or to the concerned person. Effortless! Isn’t it?